Measure2go Sensor Cloud

Measure remotely with cellular gateway.

Mobile wireless access via Measure2go Sensor Cloud.

Measure2go Cloud enables easy access and simple administration directly via browser. Measure2go Sensor Interfaces send data to the Measure2go Sensor Gateway that will be logged to the cloud. Monitor your data from wherever you are!

Turn on and start measuring.

Once a gateway is on air, you can log in with the gateway id and see your data immediately.  You can then create a distinct user account or assign the new gateway to an already existing account, so all your gateways and their connected sensors are accessible in one single entrant page. Create as well read-only accounts for sharing data. For further processing just use the existing MQTT feed to any self-written application.

Measure2go Sensor Cloud
· Gateways administration
· Data monitoring
· Data storage and logging
· User-based security settings
· MQTT feeds
· Excel data export