Blue RTD

For PT100/PT1000 probes

Monitors any external RTD PT100/PT1000 temperature probe from anywhere.

Blue RTD is designed for industrial use right from start. Equipped with a battery, either CR232 or 3x AAA and wireless Bluetooth Low Energy it can be installed anywhere without cabling overhead.

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Simply connect any RTD PT100/PT1000 temperature probe.

A standard screw terminal allows the connection of PT100/PT1000 probes of different brands, thus being flexible to individual environmental needs.

The Bluetooth Low Energy communication standard is exceptionally suited for ultra low-power applications. This implies a long life time and an easy, uncomplicated install.

Mobile measurement and smart data logging

The Blue RTD connects smartly with mobile devices or instantly with our Measure2go Senor Gateway. Connected with the Measure2go Senor Gateway data will be uploaded directly to the cloud.

Likeise it can be monitored via a mobile App or even stored and logged locally, when when not connected or required.

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