Blue LoopRX

4–20 mA Current Loop Receiver

Monitors any 4–20 mA current loop sensor from anywhere.

Blue LoopRX can be used to get wireless access to any sensor with 4-20 mA current loop interface. It scavenges its energy directly from the loop. No extra cabling, no batteries are necessary.

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Simply connect your loop sensor and monitor wirelessly.

Just connect Blue LoopRX to the current loop of a sensor with 4-20 mA interface like anemometers, pressure or light sensors and the data on the loop will be broadcasted wireless immediately.

Mobile measurement and smart data logging

Smart and easy access to the Blue LoopRX via our Android and iOS Sensor app. Configuration, calibration and local data monitoring – just in your hand.

Blue LoopRX sends data to the Measure2go Sensor Gateway that will be logged to the cloud. Monitor your data from wherever you are!

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